CBD Information

Hemp CBD oil is liquid that is extracted from hemp plants. CBD is concentrated heavier in hemp plants but is also present in cannabis plants. In hemp, THC averages 0.3% or less.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid that is present in hemp and cannabis plants. It is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid. Hemp has been used for medicinal and practical applications for thousands of centuries.

Research is starting to determine the potential of this versatile cannabinoid and its efficacy for supporting multiple healthy responses in the body. The 2018 Farm Bill now deems hemp an agricultural crop and removes it from the Controlled Substances Act. CBD, however, is awaiting regulations and standards from the FDA – so it remains in a bit of a legal gray area.

The main difference between CBD and THC is that THC induces intoxication (a high) and CBD does not. These two cannabinoids work very well together but also have merit apart from one another. THC is more abundant in cannabis, CBD is more abundant in hemp. CBD does cause any impairing effects.

CBD is one of many non-intoxicating cannabinoids, meaning – no matter how much you use, you won’t get high from CBD. CBD is psychoactive, but not in an intoxicating way. Its psychoactivity is positive in the body. Psychoactivity refers to an alteration or change of the mind – and changes do occur, but you don’t actually “feel” anything when these changes do occur.

Living Matrix Hemp obtains all of our CBD products from a fully traceable source in Colorado, USA. The entire process from cultivation to extraction and packaging are all carefully tracked.

CBD oil products are just like olive oil – heat sensitive. It’s best to store all CBD products in a cool, dark place. If you choose, you can also store CBD products in the refrigerator. Keep in mind that the CBD oil products may thicken slightly in the refrigerator but can be run under hot water for just about 1 minute to thin out the liquid a bit. Living Matrix Hemp uses MCT oil in our CBD oil products, which can thicken when refrigerated.

Our products contain between 0 and .3 THC. For legal purposes, we are unable to state that our products will not lead to a failed drug test. THC and its metabolites can remain in your system for an extended period of time. Even miniscule amounts can build up in your body if you use larger doses of CBD products that do contain a little bit of THC. Metabolism, body type and frequency/amount of use are all factors. It is ideal to use home drug testing kits if you have any worry about passing a drug screening. Employers do not specifically look for CBD as it is non-intoxicating. Very few test for the presence of any cannabinoid as it is very expensive. Most just test for the presence of THC.

Unopened, sealed MCT oil has a shelf life of 2 years when properly stored. Once MCT oil is open, its shelf life is roughly 1 year when properly stored. It is best to keep any products containing MCT oil in a cool, dark and dry area that is not subjected to radical temperature changes or humidity. This helps the oil maintain its integrity for the full shelf life. It is recommended, however, to use your CBD products that contain MCT oil within 90 days of receiving them.

Drug test typically look for THC and/or its metabolites. There are cannabinoid drug tests available, but these are very expensive and it is quite rare that they are requested. CBD is not THC and should not return a positive drug test. Living Matrix Hemp’s products are THC-free. It is suggested that you purchase an over-the-counter home drug screening kit should you have doubts. There are occasional cases where a false positive reading has been recorded, but these instances are rare. If you use other CBD products that do contain even the minimal amount of THC of 0.3% or less, the THC can buildup in your body and can return a positive drug test. Several factors come into play in this – body mass, metabolism and the dose of CBD product that contains THC that is used.

If you have been using CBD for a while, your body can build up a tolerance to it – just like you might experience with prescribed medications. The decision to increase your dose of CBD is solely your decision. If you are not finding that your symptoms are supported well enough with your current dose, it is okay to increase your dose of CBD. There isn’t a known unsafe dose of CBD, so you can easily increase or decrease your dose (even on a daily basis) depending on your individual need. We suggest increasing your doses in small amounts until you find that “sweet spot dose” that you are satisfied with. These small increases should just be an additional milligram or two at a time. Stay on the increased dose for a week before determining if this is working for you or not before adjusting the dose again.

The effects of CBD last for different periods of time depending on several factors. First, the delivery method matters. Fast acting delivery methods (tinctures, vape, topicals and inhalers) may start working quickly in your body but may also last for a shorter period of time. Dose also matters. An average dose of 15 – 25 mg of CBD taken via fast-acting delivery method may only last about 2 hours in your body. Capsules and edibles, depending on dose, may last as long as 8 hours in the body.

The CBD delivery method that you choose plays a role in how long it takes CBD to start working in your body. Fast delivery methods (tinctures, vape, inhalers and topicals) may start to show effects in just a few minutes. Other delivery methods (edibles, capsules, gummies, softgels) require digestion and may take an hour or so for the effects to be detectable.

One of the great things about CBD tinctures is that you don’t have to only hold the liquid under your tongue for a minute and swallow it. There are dozens of ways that you can use a CBD tincture – even topically. Some additional methods for using tinctures include: in cold sauces, in salad dressings, mixed with lotion, made into a facial scrub, added to bath water, added to a humidifier, mixed with essential oils in a diffuser or added to food/beverages.

CBD oil can vary in color slightly from batch to batch. This is due to one of several factors or a combination of factors. The growing season matters. The extraction process plays a role as does the processing that the raw oil undergoes after extraction. Winterized and distilled oils have different colors. Generally speaking, CBD oil that is virtually clear to very light golden in color are what you want – these are superior quality.

It is best to speak with your physician before taking CBD with any prescribed medication. There are very few known interactions with CBD and pharmaceuticals. Please review the federal Department of Health’s list of potential interactions between CBD and pharmaceuticals available on the DOH website.

Yes, you absolutely can use more than one type of CBD product. This is actually rather common. Some people start the day with a capsule, softgel or CBD edible and use either tinctures, vape or topicals throughout the day as “booster doses” as needed. The types of products that you choose to use together are up to you.

Every person has an individual ideal dose of CBD. It is suggested that you start with the amount that a manufacturer suggests. Every manufacturer has varying amounts of CBD in their products, so you must also calculate how much CBD is in each suggested dose. For example, some of our Living Matrix CBD tinctures contain 500 mg of CBD in the entire bottle. There are about 30 full droppers per bottle which delivers a dose of 16.66 mg per dropper.


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