"What They Have to Say"

Our mission is simple – To provide the highest quality CBD products available at an affordable price.

I can't say enough about how the Living Matrix Hemp oil has helped me. I had a serious health problem that improved dramatically by using the 500 mg. oil. My doctor was shocked. Thank you Living matrix!

Gil P.
Anaheim, CA

As a provider continuously searching for solutions for pain management, it has recently been advantageous to add this line of CBD products, Living Matrix, to my Holistic practice. Comments I have received from my patients include: decreased joint issues , reduced stress.

Dr. Iris Rosenfeld
Laguna Hills, CA

These products have been amazing to relieve stress and calming. Our order is always here very quickly. And their products have proved to be very high quality.

Mikey L.
Palm Springs, CA

I was introduced to your product in February of this year because a friend of mine recommended that I try it to get off meds with a CBD product. He said to try living matrix and so I did and it was the best decision of my life. I'm very happy to say that I only use living matrix now and no more pills. Thank you for making such a great product.

Jim N.
Huntington Beach, CA

I have been using Living Matrix CBD oil for about 2 months now. I am very pleased with how it has helped me.I have friends using the 250 and its helping them also. I have knee, lower back and neck issues. As long as I keep up my CBD oil those issues are gone! I am a happy customer!

Donna R.
Roseville, CA